Securities Litigation and Steps to Proving Fraud

In the world of securities litigation, there are many factors to consider when making a claim. Ultimately it will come down to the facts and you best be prepared. Many article on the interenet discuss this topic. However, we found the following article particularly interesting.

As an investor, it is often difficult to determine whether you have been victim of investment or securities fraud. Many instances of securities fraud go undetected. Most investors will not even consider the possibility of misconduct until they are faced with the loss of their investment. Because the market naturally fluctuates, not every loss means you have been the victim of fraud. However, big losses should spark your concern and prompt you to undertake a further investigation. It may be difficult or nearly impossible to detect fraud unless you consult with a professional who knows what types of suspicious activity to look for.

Common Signs of Securities Fraud

•Listed below are just a few of the warning signs for securities or investment fraud:

•Your broker does not return your phone calls.

•The transactions on your statements don’t make sense to you.

•Your account statements include transactions you did not authorize.

•You find unidentifiable debits or credits on monthly account statements.

•You see a dramatic drop in value of stock in a short period of time.

•It’s an “up” market, but you’re losing money.

•The majority of investments recommended by the broker are declining in value. Read full post here…

As you can see, securities fraud takes on many variables, when fighting for your rights. Always make sure to consult an attorney who specializes in securities fraud, to ensure your success!

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