Michigan Fraud Attorney, Peter C. Rageas has always been ready to examine and prosecute securities fraud

Our focus on monetary fraud flows from a dedication to longstanding principles and goals that our markets should be fair. In service of these objectives, we have strongly pursued securities scams whenever and any place we have found it.

In current times, there are numerous examples of insider trading. Insider trading saps market confidence, cheats average financiers, and victimizes the business whose secret details is so often stolen in the scheme. This is a criminal offense that does damage to the national economy and does damage that is pretty significant, and that is the reason that the charges are very high for this criminal activity. Prosecutions of securities scams around the country have captured individuals not only at hedge funds, however likewise at innovation business, pharmaceutical companies, getting in touch with companies, law practice, federal government companies, as well as a major stock exchange. However, the detection, examination, and criminal prosecution of illegal insider trading has become increasingly difficult due to the fact that, among other reasons, the sheer volume and intricacy of modern stock trading heightens the trouble of pinpointing particular illicit trades that were based upon illegally gotten inside information. When an organization can enter and from positions at the speed of light and in massive volumes, illicit trades become much easier to mask, more difficult to find, and based on plausible deniability. Therefore, on account of these 2 factors, due to the fact that unlawful expert trading appears so widespread and since it is so tough to prove– we continue to be dedicated to using every lawful investigative tool readily available to investigate and prosecute insider trading offenses, including court-authorized wiretaps, which have supplied valuable proof in expert trading cases where communication is a necessary aspect of the crime.

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