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Experienced Securities Fraud Attorney in Westland MI, Peter C. Rageas is tough on investment advisors who commit fraud


If you are a victim of investment fraud, let our legal specialists help you today! Attorney Rageas has over 20 years of experience defending clients from fraudulent stock brokers. We offer residents Westland MI, the comprehensive legal support, and are always privileged to fight for our clients.

If you have been harmed by a stockbroker or investment advisor, please contact our law firm today. We have helped many clients from investment losses, stockbroker negligence, stockbroker malpractice, and more! Often, a stock broker or investor places their own financial interests ahead of yours. You need an experienced Securities Lawyer to fight for you! The Law Offices of Peter C. Rageas, can help victims of stockbroker and investment negligence. When making investment recommendations, stock brokers are required to obtain information that will allow them to make sound investment recommendations. Further, a stockbroker is required to know the investor’s tolerance for risk, financial needs and investment timing.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter C. Rageas are the best choice to recover your damages. We protect our clients from fraudulent stock brokers, call Today!

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Securities Litigation – Specializing in class action stockbroker negligence and wrong doing, to victims of investment scams


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If you are facing fraud, misrepresentation, account churning or breach of contract, you must contact a stock broker fraud attorney, read more.


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Experienced in all aspects for fraudulent broker abuse, including unauthorized trading in your brokerage account and improper allocation of assets, read more.

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Why does Peter Rageas work on a contingency basis? Often Securities Litigation can be expensive. This gives our clients the right to file a lawsuit against the negligent stockbroker who caused your financial loss. More importantly, our clients are able to file their claim, without spending money initially for the payment of attorney’s fees. Our contingency arrangement helps individuals needing to file a case immediately, while not worrying about funds to pay for the lawsuit.

If a financial advisor agrees to manage his or her client’s investments and they have discretionary authority to make trades without consulting the client, then they have fiduciary duties to their client. Securities litigation expert, Peter C. Rageas, has grown to be Michigan’s leading choice for Broker Fraud. In addition to securities litigation, we also offer many other services including the protection against Ponzi schemes, securities misrepresentation, broker misconduct, legal causes against stockbrokers, breach of fiduciary duty, stockbroker claims, investment fraud, securities litigation, and FINRA assistance

Our law firm is experienced in securities dispute resolution. Don’t let a stock broker or investment advisor place their own financial interests before of yours. Contact our law offices for your Risk-Free Consultation, and get back what is yours!

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Material Risks Must Be Disclosed in Securities

The stock broker is required by law to make complete disclosure to clients surrounding material facts that are inherent to the investments recommended. When neglected, investment fraud may exist. The firm or the financial advisor can be held responsible for investment fraud including, misrepresentations or omissions of material facts. Material misrepresentations made to the investor regarding the risk associated with making a particular investment can lead to a finding that the firm and broker are responsible for compensatory damages or losses sustained.

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