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Investment Fraud Advice

There is much to be said about investment fraud these days. We found a great article that summarizes the problem that all Americans face, when protecting our most valued assets - take a look:   I've been an investment fraud securities lawyer for 25 years, and...

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Ponzi Scheme Broker is Heading to Prison

Another victory against corrupt brokers We found a great article where the federal court sentenced Jason Keryc for a $147M Ponzi Scheme. You can find the article below Broker Convicted in $147M Ponzi Scheme Headed to Prison A Long Island financial broker is headed to...

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Tips on Avoiding Fraud

In its most basic form, insider trading, defined as illegal trades, becomes illegal with insiders violate confidentiality and sell or share information to an outsider. There has been much debate on this topic. The article below from the FINRA's website offers some...

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Michigan targets money scams against seniors

Michigan's New Laws for Securities Violations Here's how that would work: Michigan's new law provides an additional $500,000 penalty for securities violations involving investors who are age 60 or older. The extra penalty would be on top of a civil fine of $10,000 for...

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